Content Marketing & Storytelling

Storytelling. Often used as a term for good writing, but the key to success with blogging is mastering the art of storytelling in your content marketing campaigns. Storytelling matters because it is unique to communicate to your audience. A captivating story encourages sharing and often goes viral on the internet.

If you can master storytelling, you can expect some wild results with your content marketing efforts. Thanks to social media, stories travel at the speed of light and can be seen by millions of people all over the world in a matter of minutes. This is the power of the internet, pretty insane stuff right?

This also highlights the importance of telling a good story, a bad story can just as easily go viral and tarnish your brands reputation.

A good story is one that has purpose. One that has been planned and is empathetic and original. Masterful storytellers merge both creativity and strategy to create content that makes companies a lot of money and creates loyal fans.

Here are three key points to story telling:

  1. Great storytelling makes people care

Us humans has an attention span that is literally less than a goldfish. This has only gotten worse thanks to our distraction-based culture. This means you have less than ten seconds to captivate your reader and reel them in. Your customer is thinking about how your content will benefit them. So you better make it clear right away or they’ll be hitting the back button before you can say abandonment.

The answer to the questions your visitor is asking is why you matter to them. Why your product or service matters to them. Create persuasive, engaging content that you readers can relate to. Be consistent with your storytelling and make sure you’ve defined exactly who your target avatar is.

2. Great storytelling is original

Let’s assume that your product or service is similar to what your competition offers. In this case, discovering what differentiates your offering from your competition is so important. Many plot lines for the most famous and classical stories from around the world are similar. What separates them is the hero of the story! Your differentiators are the hero’s of your story. They solve problems for your customers so make sure they are unique and powerful.

3. Great storytelling is empathetic

If you want to speak to your visitor and relate to them in a deep way, you need to feel their pain. Empathy encourges your visitor to take action. This is why it is so important to know who your target avatar is, what problems are they facing and how can your offering help them solve that?

Research your competitors, you need to know the offerings in our niche, inside out. Only then can you deliver the best content that’s personal, relatable and original.

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