Blogging Benchmarks: What You Should Be Aiming For

Not sure what you should be aiming for in your blogging efforts?

You should definitely be aiming for some benchmarks with your blog posts. There are a variety of factors that tie into your Google rankings when it comes to blog posting. According to recent research by Orbit Media Studios, most bloggers say it typically takes them less than three hours to write a post from start to finish.

This report was based on data from over 1000 bloggers in different industries and niches.

Around 25% of respondents claimed it normally takes them between one to two hours to write a post. 24% say it takes between two and three and 8% claim it takes them less than an hour.

The average time someone spends creating a blog post has increased since 2014.

blogging benchmarks

The length of the average post has also increased by 19% from 2015. It is now up to 1050 words. The percentage of posts that are 500 words or less has significantly reduced over the last two years. In fact it has more than halved over this time period.

Why is all this happening?

Blogging has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. Ten years ago, the typical blog post would be 6-800 words and be a in most cases would be one or two huge paragraphs. This was perfectly acceptable back in those days and everyone else was doing the same thing. Google has been a huge player when it comes to the way people product content. Google is obsessed with quality and is constantly improving their algorithm in favour of websites that provide amazing value to their readers.

This has driven companies and individuals to up their game when it comes to blogging. Competition is now much more fierce compared to ten years ago. There is so much valuable content out there that you really have to hustle hard to product something that people are going to share and link to.

This is a good thing! Gone are the days of having dismal content on the first page of the Google SERP’s! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other search engines *cough* BING *cough* but they will catch up eventually.

Another thing to bear in mind is that blogging has transformed from a simple form of expression and information sharing to a tool that is used by millions of businesses to generate leads and sales.

Blogging is a unique way to build a relationship with your reader, there is nothing quite else like it.


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