4 Tips For A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is absolutely huge nowadays. A valuable asset for millions of companies and a highly unique way to connect with visitors.

Content marketing is an awesome way to connect with your readership and generate leads for your business. Content creation is a skill. A craft that is easy to get started with but takes years to really master.

When most of us start out with blogging, our content sucks (just putting it out there). We’re so used to writing essays and term papers from back in our school years but we don’t realise that this writing style jut won’t cut it. People want to be engaged and feel emotions when they read your content. Mastering the art of writing in a conversational tone is just one of the ways you can drastically improve your content writing skills when you get started.

Here are 4 tips you can follow to ensure a successful content marketing campaign.

  1. Consistency trumps quantity – Marketingprofs analysed data from over 10,000 articles and found that publishing consistently is the number one barometer of success in content marketing. Delivering content in a regular schedule will make a huge difference to your content marketing campaigns. I do need to mention that just posting lots of content will make zero difference to your results. SEO is the most important thing in your business, especially when you’re just starting out. Yes you can build a social media following and sign up to various content sharing websites but if you really want consistent traffic then you need to be ranking organically in Google for the keywords you want. Promoting your content is just as important as actually writing it. Without promoting your blogs, you will not acquire any backlinks that will help you in the search engines and you’ll be left for dead.
  2. Don’t leave anything to chance, create something that will WOW – The customer always comes first. Transform your content creating ideas into a process that serves your customer. What do they need to know, what sort of content do they want to see? Use data-driven methods to establish what your customers want. For example: “what content receives the most traffic?” “what articles are driving the most pageviews with a high retention rate?” “What content formats work best, infographics, videos, extra long articles?” These are just a few examples of how you can implement a data-driven solution to your content curating efforts.
  3. Optimise your best performing postsA content relaunch can be just as powerful as writing a new post all together. In fact it can be a lot more powerful because it’s the content that has performed the best so making it even better can produce some wonderful results. Make your posts longer, add more data and eye candy. This is a simple way you can double your search engine traffic to specific posts. Who doesn’t like something that’s new and shiny?
  4. Your best performers may surprise you – Your oldest piece of content could easily be your most popular. Ensure you are monitoring the performance of your posts. This will help you make better decisions when it comes to creating new content and optimising what you’ve already created. He

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

Create content that easily digestible – (People don’t want to chew on your writing for 30 minutes). Infographics in particular are the king of easily digestible content.

Stats and numbers – On average a staggering 70% of top 10 articles have numbers in the headline. People love stats so give it to them!

Title modifiers – 40% of top ten articles contain a word like “top” “best” “most”. Adding these words to your headline can also help you rank for long-tail keyword matches for your content.


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