3 Ways You Can Monetise Your Blog

Monetising your blog is a subject that can be a little touchy for many people out there. People almost feel bad when they think about making money from their readers. The reality of the situation is that running a blog takes time, effort and hard work. You should be rewarded for all those hours you dedicate to your chosen topic.

Think of it this way, you audience needs you to sell something to them, because anything you promote will help their life in some way. So by selling products, you’re actually serving your audience in the best possible way, and generating an income that will allow you to provide even better content to your readership.

It’s like the cycle of life!

Before we get into specific ideas for monetising a blog, I quickly wanted to touch on the sheer number ways we’re able to generate an income on the internet nowadays.

This digital world we live in is truly beautiful. We have plenty of opportunities to build a profitable online business with very low investment requirements. Blogging aside, over the past few years especially, the internet has exploded with many types of income opportunities. From what is almost now considered to be old school methods like affiliate marketing to to freelancing and consulting. It’s fair to say that things will never be the same again.

More women are also getting into business than ever before. The gender bias is slowly closing up as the number of women-owned firms increased by 45% between 2007 and 2016. This is five times more than the national average! If you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur looking for business ideas, check out this interesting article.

3 Ways To Monetise Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing

On the topic of affiliate marketing, it’s still the number one way people monetise their blog. This can be a highly lucrative business model for you depending on the affiliate program you sign up to. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a type of referral marketing where the someone promotes a companies’ products/service. If anyone then goes ahead and makes a purchase as a result of the “affiliates” recommendation, they make a commission on that product sale. Companies and affiliate networks track people by placing cookies on their computer. Affiliate marketers each have their own unique ID’s assigned to their links and cookies so the merchant knows who referred which customer.

Again, a great way to generate an income from your blog. Find a product/service that you like and one that is related to your niche. Find out what other people say about the affiliate program before you jump into promoting any products.

The income potential of affiliate marketing is limitless. With that being said, there is an extremely wide range of average earnings. There are bloggers making millions every year with affiliate marketing, and others only doing a few hundred dollars.

Coaching And Consulting

If you’re an expert in any particular field, you can use your blog to generate leads for your business. Coaching and consulting is huge in 2017. People are willing to pay good money for someone to take them from their current situation to their desired situation. You can also use your blog as a form of social proof to attract more high-value clients to your consulting business. Consulting is great because you don’t have to charge for your time, you charge a monthly retainer fee for your clients (If you’re providing ongoing services). This subscription-based form of business allows you to quickly build up a significant stream of income from only a few clients.

Create Your Own Course

Another thing that is massive in 2017 is online learning. The online learning industry is worth over $100 billion a year. And it’s a number that will only continue to grow as more people choose to purchase courses through the internet.

Buying a course online is more cost effective, more convenient and in most cases, you learn faster because you have all the information you need in front of you so you can go at your own pace.

Online course websites such a Udemy offer a marketplace of online courses and learning materials. You can create a course for your readers and publish it on a website like Udemy. Not only will you benefit from making sales on your blog but can also make many sales from Udemy itself as people are always searching for courses on their site.



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